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Passion Path Productions

Welcome to Passion Path Productions.

Take a moment to explore my portfolio and discover my approach to photography, videography, and design.

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or if you would like to collaborate on a project.



Social media management


The communication worked so well. The whole process went very smoothly. I would highly recommend your service. The collaboration went very smoothly, which is especially important in the beginning, when you work with someone for the first time. The first version of the video was already pretty good. As I did not know, how it would turn out, I was positively surprised. You responded very quickly, after I send you my comments. And in general, during the editing / checking process. You were always very responsive. I was able to upload another finished video on my Youtube channel and it gave me some time to focus on other tasks.

Travel Content Creator

Tina Huegel

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